Cardiology Care

The only 5 day a week academic cardiology practice at the lake featuring state of the art technology and world renowned Cardiologists.

Cardiology Care

The only 5 day a week academic cardiology practice at the lake. Featuring state of the art technology and world renowned Cardiologists.

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine

Cardiology Care Clinic is proud to offer Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ – the first and only program that is scientifically proven to slow, stop, and even reverse the progression of heart disease.

Internal Medicine

We offer full service Internal Medicine and Urgent Care services. Same day appointments are available.
Medically Supervised weight loss Clinic.

Advanced Imaging Suite

State of the art in house ultrasound imaging suite with board certified Radiologist reading the images.

Holistic Medicine

We are passionate about bridging conventional medicine with natural remedies and healing processes.

Visit Lifestyle Medicine to learn more about our approach to holistic medicine.

Interventional & Consultative Cardiology
Interventional cardiologist, Dr. Nicolas Chronos, brings to Cardiology Care Clinic an expertise in the assessment, treatment and management of advanced coronary artery disease. Dr. Chronos frequently partners with a team of leading interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons at several regional centers of excellence to ensure that his patients receive the best possible care. In each case, Dr. Chronos hand selects the interventional team best suited to meet the individual patient’s needs. Whether the patient requires complex coronary intervention, catheter-based valve replacement, or minimally-invasive cardiac surgery, the team will coordinate patient referral, transfer of records, and post-procedural outpatient follow up, allowing the patient to return to his or her home confident of a continuum of care.

In an effort to provide the optimum level of care to our patients, Cardiology Care Clinic partners with other community-based healthcare providers to assess and jointly manage complex cardiac conditions. This team-based approach allows our patients to access an expanded base of experts without ever leaving our office.

Pacemaker and Cardiac Device Clinic
Our practice is extremely fortunate to include an expert specializing in the management of abnormal heart rhythms. Dr. Peter Chapman’s unique expertise includes all arrhythmia management, atrial fibrillation ablation, and placement of pacemakers and defibrillators. He also performs Holter and event monitoring to assess patients with symptoms of dizziness, palpitations and loss of consciousness. Dr. Chapman frequently partners with other experts to provide the most modern and sophisticated electrophysiology care for our patients.

Our pacemaker and cardiac device clinic provides interrogation and tuning of all major electrophysiological medical devices including pacemakers and defibrillators.

Cardiac Imaging
Our team of cardiac technicians utilize the most modern techniques of echocardiography, stress testing and arrhythmia monitoring to evaluate patients, define treatment strategies and initiate personalized care plans.
Coumadin & Anti-Coagulation Clinic
Our in-house Coumadin & Anti-Coagulation Clinic allows patients to test, monitor and have their Coumadin levels managed using the most modern finger prick testing system which yields immediate results.
Surgical Clearance Clinic
We provide our patients who may need to undergo surgery or treatments requiring anesthesia with a complete assessment of their cardiac status and risk of undergoing procedures requiring anesthesia. We also assist our patients by recommending surgeons we know and trust.

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