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  • Weight loss surgery for children and teens struggling with obesity December 13, 2019
    If a child is obese by age 12, it’s nearly a certainty that child will be obese as an adult, with all the complications that brings. While some may be uncomfortable with a child or adolescent having bariatric surgery to facilitate weight loss, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends it in certain situations. The post […]
    Claire McCarthy, MD
  • Lasmiditan: New first-in-class drug treatment approved for migraine December 12, 2019
    The first of a new class of medications for the treatment of migraine has been approved by the FDA. Lasmiditan works differently than existing medications, and does not cause blood vessels to narrow (a side effect that makes them unsuitable for those with vascular conditions). The post Lasmiditan: New first-in-class drug treatment approved for migraine […]
    Paul Rizzoli, MD
  • Sexually transmitted infections are on the rise: Should you worry? December 11, 2019
    The number of sexually transmitted infections reported in the US reached an all-time high last year. Having an STI can raise a person’s risk of getting HIV or having infertility or pregnancy complications, but STIs are preventable and treatable. Knowing the facts about STIs and testing is the first step. The post Sexually transmitted infections […]
    Eric A. Meyerowitz, MD

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