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  • Is it time to stop skimming over full-fat dairy? October 21, 2019
    For years, the conventional wisdom about dairy is that we should be eating less of it, and when we do have any it should be low-fat or fat-free. But more recent research suggests that some full-fat dairy in our diets could in fact be beneficial, though the type of dairy still matters. The post Is […]
    Emily Gelsomin, MLA, RD, LDN
  • Recurrent headaches in children: What to know and do October 18, 2019
    Most children have an occasional headache, but some children get recurrent headaches. These often run in families and may be migraine or tension headaches or might stem from other causes. The post Recurrent headaches in children: What to know and do appeared first on Harvard Health Blog.
    Claire McCarthy, MD
  • Is there really a blood test to diagnose concussion? October 17, 2019
    Can a blood test tell whether or not you have a concussion? It’s not quite that simple. There is a test that indicates the presence of substances released into the blood after a brain injury, but for now it is more useful for identifying situations when a CT scan is not necessary. The post Is […]
    Eve Valera, PhD

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